Occams V2 - AC/ SE Razor


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Thur 30th July
I have used the Occams Oren a lot, and it has become my No1 Travel Razor. I was so impressed with it that I acquired the Original V1 in a Razor swap. I get very good quality hassle free Shaves with it every time, using Plate 3 and Feather Proguard blade. IMHO the quality of Shaves that I get with these razors is up there with the best that I get with other AC/SE Razors. Had a very good Shaves with the V1 today.

Being quite light I can see a time when I might not be able to use my heavier Razors and these will be in regular use. A bonus is that aggression can be altered by changing plates and using different blades. Seems that only the V1 is up for sale these days, and though a bit pricey could be a good buy for those of us not getting younger who like to use AC/SE razors. I have tried the Occams Enoch and Hiram Commander but reckon that The V1 & Oren deliver consistently better Shaves.