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Thanks James. I love the smell of Colonia but it feels like I'm better off putting the money towards the EdC rather than this cream.

Wow - head won over heart there!
It's easy done but it's one of those you should try once if you gan get a good deal. Cream and EdC would be very nice :) P.

Dr Watson

Couple of good deals on Zara frags at the moment:

Vibrant Leather Summer (Dior Homme Cologne 2013 clone) only £9.99

Vibrant Wood (Dior Homme Intense clone) only £12.99



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Creightons are doing a 50% off sale. Not much choice out there for us guys but their aftershave balm is at 50% off. at £1.50, its a bargain for a good balm
The shave cream is really good as well:


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£3.99 for Figaro shaving croap is a bargain. If you like Cella - try this stuff. Good perforamnce at a fantastic price.



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Thanks for the heads up, I personally haven't used this but heard it is a copy of aventus, at that price might aswell give it a try.
Someone bought this for me as a present. It’s a decent clone. I tend to use it for work and keep the real stuff for weekends!