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I have been looking for one of those.....a pity delivery may not be available to the UK. Looks as if Brexit is kicking in.
Don't worry Brian, I've been buying off French eBay for 24+ months and they don't usually offer international postage as standard but a polite message in their Mother tongue is all it takes - I just send the following:

"Bonjour, Expédition en Angleterre?


I reckon 8/10 times they say yes and I've never had a bad seller or anything go missing from France (Yet! Touch wood!) In fact one lady would only accept payment as Paypal F&F (rules are different over there, it's allowed.) I was dubious but eventually did so as it wasn't a particularly valuable item. Turned out she'd sent it the same day I won it, days before I sent payment! Just goes to show, sometimes when you think you're taking a risk, the other person might also be taking a risk on you lol.
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Amazon are running a promotion whereby the first time you use their "subscribe & save" service you can get 40% off your first item, I've had a browse and the following are included:

Muhle R103
Merkur 41c
Various Fatip razors included the limited edition two-tone one
Muhle Rytmo black fibre synthetic brush
Nearly all TOBS products including aftershave lotions and gels
Some Truefitt products
Many Tabac products
Floris shaving soaps & creams
Penhaligon's shaving cream
Some LEA products
4711 aftershave
Aqua Velva
Some of Proraso's Single Blade range
Omega shaving brushes
Some Edwin Jagger products

Remember to select the subscribe & save option (only valid for one item and you must have never used it before) and once your item has been delivered simply cancel the subscription... I've done this myself and it works fine.
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For those of us in the US (I don't know if they ship internationally) still has many many razors and brushes at 40% off due to an "aftershave spill" that destroyed or disfigured the packaging. I bought my Parker shavette and when I got it, there was literally zero damage to the package that I could notice, just a smell.


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My local Poundstretcher had several Creightons own brand products at £1.49 today, shave gel, SPF moisturiser, face scrub and oil control face wash