TV shows you are - or will be - watching.


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Great British photography challenge. Very interesting. Great to hear how Rankin and his team, explains to the photographers how they can make their pictures better.


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Looking forward to the next season of 'Black Summer' on NetFlix. There's also another season of 'Lupin' coming on Friday, which we'll enjoy.

Presently watching 'Press' on NetFlix, a BBC Drama.


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Peaky Blinders ...

Got further than me 😄 I watched the first ten minutes, that did it for me.
It fast turned into a soap opera, but Mrs enjoyed it. I kinda watched it, while reading stuff on my laptop ... but nice to be together.

I enjoyed the musical interludes - earlier on, all Nick Cave, later brought in Idles.


Is it back in its entirety or have they edited out anything now deemed to be offensive?
Seems to be as I remember it, although my memory isn't great :D I didn't realise it had been edited tbh. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt always come across as stand up sort of people, didn't think there would be anything to bother the censors.