Simpson Brushes Appreciation Thread


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These are back in stock at Simpson.

Does anyone know the difference between the knot in this and in the T3 Trafalgar? I fancy one but that's a big price difference if you're just paying for the nicer handle.


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Regret not ordering the Emerald at the same time 🥺 was trying to be good .... 😇 👿
Your (3) Berkeley brushes could have made three separate Simpson enthusiasts "very happy", instead you bought them all.

Congratulations!, Well done! :laugh:


Good Mark posted a Chubby 3 with 2band SiLVERTiP hair today on the Simpson facebook page. Woohoo! I've waited since January for that hair. WooHoo! :)

Also, new Simpson CASE brushes available in Best Badger for only 59 Schmeckles. lol... And they even come in Emerald. :happy:

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