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I'd love an is300. Why'd you get rid?
Good question. I had planned to keep it until it turned 20 years old, but a close friend of mine offered me a 4 year old Audi S5 coupe at a price well below its wholesale value. As I already own 3 cars (IS300, Audi Q5 and BMW Z4), I had to decide which one to sell. The IS300 was the oldest by far so it drew the short straw. Also, with the snow and ice we get here in the winter the all-wheel drive S5 is more practical than the rear-wheel drive IS300.


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I was very sorely tempted to finance the V6 Stinger but common sense prevailed over both man maths and caveman-style ‘Ooh shiny things’ and we came away with a poverty-spec 1.0 Ceed. There’s less than a year and 4000 miles on it and it comes with a new 7 seven warranty and the first three services on Kia. Having spent a fair bit of time behind the wheel of Golfs, Focuses, Astras etc as hire cars, the current model Ceed stands up for itself in that segment. But I’d prefer the Stinger.

I’ve also had front and rear shocks replaced on the Fiat 500 and finally replaced the mismatched cheap summer tyres (my wife used to lump whatever was cheap when the rubber was long past legal) with some snow and slush-friendly Goodyear Vector 4S all-seasons. The plan is for the Fiat to become the second car for when cycling isn’t practical (or safe) and we’ll keep it going until it’s no longer roadworthy. The only issue now really is that the exterior’s trim hasn’t aged well - thinking about getting some of it wrapped.


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Nice one.

I had one of these from new, a 59 plate. I did around 50,000 over 18 months 100% reliable mechanically.

Even though it is marked 118d I think that the 116,118 and 120 all have 2000 cc engines but different states of tune.

My car had the sports M pack which had stiff suspension, this was really uncomfortable and had a really hard ride, even on a motorway my finger used to wobble around as I tried to program the satnav.

My car was bright red, the lacquer started to lift around the front, whether that was due to the heavy motorway use or the red paint I am not sure.

Only other issue were the run flat tyres, The only punctures I have had were in that car, at least 4 in 18 months.

I would buy another quite happily, as you say a nice car for a 20 year old.
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Id love a pick up...was thinking of getting a Toyota Hilux on a Toyota family and friends deal
they're massively impractical (esp. for grocery shopping), slow, poor fuel economy and terrible around the corners but quite good fun


That Skoda with the 1.5 will be lovely.
My missus has the Seat Leon 70 plate with 1.0 tsi manual config and I am astounded by the pep.
A mate of mine has the same 1.0 in a Kamiq and has no complaints so the 1.5 will be just fine.