Completed Giles Shaving Co Coffee Mug GB


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I’ll post up my Paypal this evening so the chaps that missed out on the blue DE mugs can decide what they want to do :)


Same question. Plus what about shipping? If shipping is a considerable amount, then I'd rather give my spot to someone that wouldn't have to pay out-of-country-shipping.


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Can you please also check the shipment to Israel
P.S. If somebody wants the blue DE, I don't have a problem to take a bronze one


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Ok, so I've amended the list and removed those that have dropped out and as @Poster was happy to take the brown mug I've managed to get everybody thats left onto the list.

3 Blue DE.... gone
1. @Steven_jagger
2. @missingskin
3. @DrewG

3 Blue Straight.... 1 left
1. @culcreuch
2. @Thug

2 Brown DE.... 1 left
1. @Poster

2 Brown Straight.... gone
1. @Salv
2. @Mrchick

1. @culcreuch (blue with Straight Razor) :okay:
2. @Salv - Brown SR decal :okay:
4. @missingskin Blue DE decal please :okay:
5. @Mervyn Cadman
6. @Poster - Blue DE :okay:
7. @Thug - Blue Straight Razor :okay:
8. @Steven_jagger - blue de decal :okay:
10. @DrewG - Blue de decal :okay:
11. @ThrillOfTheShave
12. @Mrchick - brown straight razor :okay:
13. @Boybunny


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I have lost count of the amount of times I have paid over $20 for postage from the U.S. for just a soap. When I buy my soul records from the US it is always over $20. Yesterday I posted something to a friend in the U.S and I paid over £10 in mail costs. These postage prices are not unreasonable Gentlemen it is how much it costs and no more.