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@Boycie83 - Finding this thread today and reading it from the beginning I felt I should express my satisfaction and give a credit for your efforts to review a big part of Extro’s extensive line of soaps. It’s been very informative and a real pleasure to read it! Thank you, Chris! 👍
Thanks Martin - appreciated!

I'm intending to do something similar for Saponificio Bignoli in November.


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The End is now available from Shaving Time:

If I had just waited 5 days I could have saved myself a small fortune :laugh:


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Razor: Mongoose Mingoose
Blade: Schick Proline (3)
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 2B
Soap: Extro The End
Pre: Proraso White
ASL: Brut

This soap was everything I hoped it would be. Super slick and really fragrant. This has pushed its way in to my top 3 Extro soaps. It's a stronger scent than Right Handed Giant with a few extra notes in the tail that I can't quite out my finger on. Smells great. This is the scent profile:

Top Notes: basil, calabria bergamot, lemon, absinthium artemisia , lavender.
Heart Notes: geranium, ylang ylang.
Base Notes: oak moss, patchouly, sandalwood, tonca bean, vetiver, vanilla.

The graphics - a shark about to eat a lady on a lilo. I'm not sure what that's about.

Jim Kleinkauf

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Monday‌ ‌10.19.20 ‌SOTD‌

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Pre de Provence Verbena face lather and rinse
Valet Auto/Strop Silver VB2 Set Canada
Feather Fhs-10 Hi-Stainless
RazoRock Keyhole Plissoft Synthetic
Pre de Provence shave soap
Pre de Provence Sante Green Tea

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In the Facebook Extro group there is always lots of shark imagery and Don Donato is referred to by his loyal band of merry men as "MegaloDon" - Maybe something to do with that? I dunno :scratchhead: :laugh:
That could be it. Megalodon - Megatron would have been better!