morris & forndran

  1. ESBrushmaker

    Back from Vacation

    Our shop is now open. While we were out, Lee located more Heritage Badger so Morris & Forndran Legacy series brushes are once again available for ordering. He also sent back a new version of the Style 1 along with two ReadyMade 2XL's Style 1 Bi-Colour v.2
  2. ESBrushmaker

    Coronavirus and Custom Morris & Forndran Shipping

    Due to unpredictable international shipping delays caused by the continuing coronavirus pandemic, we think it's prudent to adjust the Custom Morris & Forndran ordering process and turnaround time-frames. Beginning August 1, we plan to ship brush handles to Morris & Forndran on the first...
  3. ESBrushmaker

    New Product Alert Morris & Forndran Heritage Badger

    The Rooney/Morris & Forndran Finest and Heritage Badger shaving brushes of a decade and more ago are fondly remembered by many and highly prized by those who own them. Unavailable for years...more Morris & Forndran Heritage Badger brushes will be available for ordering beginning Monday, April...
  4. ESBrushmaker

    New Offer Alert New in ReadyMade

    Gentlemen, For your consideration, we just added four new BSSW and Morris & Forndran brushes to The ReadyMade Collection. These include two Ebonite & Resin 28mm Estate Badger Arley's, a Blonde Badger Emillion and an Ebonite 2XL. [More...] Lava Ebonite, Ebony Resin, Estate Badger Eclipse...
  5. ESBrushmaker

    Expired The Morris & Forndran Style 1, Our February Brush of the Month

    The Brush of the Month is our way of saying Thank You to our loyal patrons (and patrons to be) for your support of our collaboration between Morris & Forndran and Brad Sears ShaveWorks. Every month we select a shaving brush from our catalog and offer it at a 10% discount for the duration of...
  6. ESBrushmaker

    Introducing the Morris & Forndran L7 Bi-Colour

    As many of us know, the L7 shaving brush is virtually synonymous with the Morris & Forndran brand. Because the L7 is so closely associated with Lee Sabini and Morris & Forndran, we are delighted to offer the L7 as our inaugural December Brush of the Month. The Brush of the Month is our way of...
  7. ESBrushmaker

    A Bespoke Brush Example

    As many know, we are primarily a custom/Bespoke Brush shop; so it made sense to us to show a few recent examples of the types of brushes that can be ordered from us.
  8. ESBrushmaker

    M&F Blonde Badger Drop

    Gentlemen, Nancy and I plan to drop a limited number of Blonde Badger Morris & Forndran brushes tomorrow morning, 1 December at 9:00AM ET (GMT -5). Until then, Brad & Nancy (and Gus!)
  9. ESBrushmaker

    A Gentle Thought: M&F Christmas Delivery.

    Although it might feel like 90 degrees/32 C. (at least here on the Eastern Shore!); but with lead times being what they are, it might not be too early to consider ordering a bespoke M&F brush for Christmas delivery.
  10. ESBrushmaker

    New Offer Alert New Brushes from Brad Sears ShaveWorks

    It's been a while, so we wanted to mention some of the brushes currently offered for your consideration in our ReadMade and Custom Morris & Forndran Collections. Starting with the ReadMade Collection, we have a nice variety of BSSW and Morris & Forndran brushes including a new Chubby we call...
  11. ESBrushmaker

    Morris & Forndran Brushes

    We wanted to make everyone aware that Custom Morris & Forndran brushes are once again available world-wide. Due to some confusion over U.S. export laws, some months ago, as many are aware, we decided to suspend International brush shipments while we sorted things out. The long and short of it...
  12. ESBrushmaker

    The M&F Style 1 is now available.

    Good evening, Gentlemen. The much-requested Morris & Forndran Style 1 shaving brush is now available. Similar to the well-known XL series, the Style 1 offers a slightly taller handle for a bit more "gripping room." The Style 1 may be ordered in 24, 26, or 28mm knot sizes. The 26 & 28mm brushes...
  13. ESBrushmaker

    BSSW Update

    Good morning, Everyone! Nancy and I are delighted to announce two pieces of good news! The first is that, over the next several weeks, we’ll be offering a number of new brushes in our website’s ReadyMade section. Where will these brushes come from? Some of you might remember that last...
  14. ESBrushmaker

    Redesigned M&F Emillion

    Good morning/afternoon, Gentlemen. I wanted to share a picture of our newly redesigned Emillion shaving brush handle. Although it's not yet been filled with hair, I think you'll get the idea rather quickly. As some of you know, these--and several other--patterns were designed for the smaller...