Coronavirus and Custom Morris & Forndran Shipping


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Due to unpredictable international shipping delays caused by the continuing coronavirus pandemic, we think it's prudent to adjust the Custom Morris & Forndran ordering process and turnaround time-frames.

Beginning August 1, we plan to ship brush handles to Morris & Forndran on the first business day of the month. To meet that date, orders for each monthly shipment will be cut off on the 23rd of the previous month. (For example, July 23rd will be the last day to order and pay the deposit for a brush to be included in the August 1st shipment.) Orders confirmed after the 23rd will go into the next monthly shipment (September 1, in this example).

Currently, we estimate a three-month turnaround from the shipment date. (For example, we hope to see handles shipped to Morris & Forndran on August 1st return to us on or about November 1st.) This is, of course, an estimate. Actual turnaround may vary.

We regret having to make these changes; but believe this is the best way to level set expectations given current conditions. We plan to return to normal shipping as soon as conditions permit.

Thank you for your patience.

Brad and Nancy