razor handles

  1. AlphaShaving

    Completed ΑΛΦΑ [ALPHA] - Flash Group Buy Gunslinger Razor Handle - 3 Days Only.

    Behold, Gunslinger, my new razor handle. Aluminium, polished to soft shine, anodised, length 90mm weight 28g - $34.97 all in. 25 only for sale. Would/could compliment the Outlaw handle easily. By now I thought I would have had these on my website but I am way too lazy... so why not BUY NOW...
  2. Douglas_1

    Long or Short?

    What do you look for or prefer when it comes to a razor handle? Long, Short, Girth, sharp knurl, etc. What is the reason behind your choice? I myself prefer short, classic designs with "sticky" knurling. I find this make gives me more, subtle control.