Your TV viewing as a Child?


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Some of the children's programs from the BBC were made for adults and most of the sick jokes went over our young heads.......?The magic roundabout and Capitain Pugwash to name but two and we all know what happened at the BBC in later years! I liked the innocence of Noggin the Nog :) P.


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Wow! So many memories. I gave up watching TV years ago. I might catch a movie with the wife once in a while and forged in fire once a week but thats it. Im short on me time as it is.


The Grove Family, The Appleyards, In Town Tonight, Bill and Ben Flowerpot Men, Wells Fargo, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, The Coronation, Newsreel (with music)....
Ha ha, I've been watching the Cisco Kid season one the past couple of days. :highfive:


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Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men.
The adventures of Twizzle...
Oh and the Test Card, we used to look at it for ages waiting for something to appear on the screen...
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As a kid, I indulged in what I know as old school sitcoms, including the greatest TV sitcoms of all time:

Only Fools And Horses
Keeping Up Appearances

In terms of cartoons, I was raised on a diet of He-Man, Mask and Thundercats. The classics.

Blue Peter and The Krypton Factor featured on occasion too.