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Hello everyone,

Now that the forum is growing nicely we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the moderator team: @Nishy, @Dipesh and @Rowlers

We have loads of experience in wet shaving - particularly in respect of group buys and pass arounds - and are, like you, truly passionate about wet shaving. We aim to promote an open forum where the skill and art of wet shaving (as well as other matters) can be discussed in an open, friendly and respectful manner.

@Nishy - group buy meister. What he doesn't know about Shavemac brushes, SS OC razors and soaps, is not worth knowing. Loves his fragrances too and is partial to a bit of layering.

@Dipesh - the overlord of badger, he's got more brushes than Greater London Authority. Likes a bit of loft, no scritch and plenty of splay.

@Rowlers - general cheapskate and contrarian thinker. Says bollix to everyone who's had the wool pulled over their eyes with all this nonsense about artisans and high-end shit. Can't beat a BIC disposable and a 49p Palmolive shave stick. Job jobbed!

New to the team as of August 2019 @chris.hale and @bagman. Thanks for stepping up guys...

You will hopefully have seen that our philosophy is not to over moderate (as far as reasonably possible) and we trust we can rely on your support to make ATG one of the best wet shaving forums around.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Best regards,
The Moderator Team
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Hi mods,

I am active on The Shaving Room, but I don't think I've got past my introductory post over here.

I know the two forums are linked to an extent, and was wondering if I could access the Buy-Sell-Trade over here, as I believe there is a Vector for sale, and I might well buy it.

I fully understand if this isn't possible, but I thought I might as well ask. I wish I had the time to join more forum discussions than I do at the moment, but I have a family and studies and all that life stuff to get on with!

All the best,



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Hi, the forums have no link at all other than sharing some members.

So, unfortunately you'll need to qualify for the BST the same as all other members.

Best wishes