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OK, so first impressions of the Yates.

I really like the bead-blasted finish and if I was to buy one that's likely the one I'd go for. I'd prefer not to have the logo on the top cap but as it's engraved it's not in your face, nevertheless logos on tops caps are not a thing that I like. Except for old Gillettes, I know, double standard. :wink: This is purely a preference thing though and not a deal-breaker. I do like the way they've designed the top cap so that the blade tabs are protected but still accessible for those who struggle to remove the blades otherwise, it's a good way to please both groups.

The short handle just feels wrong. If it was a bit slimmer it would be OK but being as short and fat as it is I really don't like it. The 100mm one is too long but feels like the least-bad option of the two. Speaking of the handles, because Yates have decided to use some weird thread size you can't use your own handle because it won't screw on, and even if it did the recess on the bottom of the plate is really narrow so most of my handles wouldn't fit into it anyway. See photo below with an iKon bulldog.

Never since the PILS has a manufacturer tried so hard to ensure that you use their handle, and the decision to do so is baffling especially considering that the DE razor market is a niche one and swapping handles is something a lot of us do. It's even more confusing when the only two available handles are both at the extremes in terms of length and girth (stop sniggering at the back!) with no middle-ground option available. I know that the manufacturer is aware of this and more handle options are planned but as it stands I think the handle issue alone would be enough to prevent me buying a Yates unless they do come out with a middle-ground and ideally knurled handle. I'm not anticipating grip to be a problem, but I like knurling and as they've gone out of their way to stop me using one of my own handles I can only hope that they release one.

In terms of packaging the razor is nicely presented. I'm a bit of a contrarian here however in that my ideal razor packaging is a sturdy cardboard box, something that will protect the razor but that I don't feel obliged to keep and then have to find a home for even though it probably doesn't have another use. The Yates however is in a tin with foam inserts that I expect would be removable leaving you with a tin that could be repurposed or recycled. Again I think this is a nice way to please both the box-fondlers and those of us who just want to receive the razor undamaged.

Generally my impressions of the razor are very positive apart from the handles.

Will post back later on when I've actually shaved with it.


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First shave in with the Yates.

Brush - Outlaw black aluminium synth.
Soap - Stirling Eucalyptus Mint (love this stuff!).
Blade - Personna blue (first use).
Razor - Yates, H plate.

Having been using my Timeless .95 for the last couple of weeks I went for the H plate instead of the M I would normally have started with. I started with some trepidation but it was baseless and while there was some blade feel it was comfortable and not intimidating. The bend to the blade necessitated holding the handle closer to my face than I would have normally but it wasn't hard to find the angle and I expect it'll feel more natural after a couple of uses. I liked the audio feedback and the shave was close and very comfortable. The next couple of days will be the most telling as I usually find I can get a good shave out of most things on day one whilst I'm paying attention - it's subsequent days when I'm less cautious that problems develop, although in this case I will have the option of stepping down to the M plate. The shave was so pleasant that I actually looked at the bottom of the plate to check that I was using the H.

So far I like this razor.
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I’ve just been ruminating on the Yates and had a couple of ideas where it could be improved.

- M5 threading. Come on US, the entire rest of the planet uses metric and I know actually a lot of you do too, even if you won’t admit it. :wink:

- Looking at the photo above showing the bulldog handle not fitting, it doesn’t fit by a small margin. I think it may be possible to mill a curve into the sides of the channel at that point to allow more handles to fit without compromising the structural integrity. Filling in the channel to provide a flat surface would also solve the problem although it would add a small amount of mass to the head, change its aesthetic and require a longer threaded post.

Honestly, I’m not expecting them to redesign the thing just because I couldn’t use my favourite handle, but you know, just in case… :)

Having used the long handle yesterday my gripe with the handles is not really the design it’s the proportions. If they did an 85mm x 12mm version of the same design I think I’d be happy with it.

I hope that this comes across as being constructive feedback rather than me knocking the razor, because I really like it.


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Second shave with the H plate and another good one. Today I pretty much threw caution to the wind and just had at it with no problems. To avoid boring everyone to death I won't keep posting unless there's something noteworthy, I'll just sum up at the end of my time with the razor. I am getting very good results with the H plate though.


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I skipped shaving yesterday so two days' growth and I went to work with the M plate. There was more blade feel and efficiency than I was expecting but obviously less than the H plate and other than having more pick-ups than I had with the H the shave was not dramatically different, it just required a bit more work in my difficult spots. It was extremely comfortable though and still had the excellent audio feedback. It definitely still felt mild enough on the face that I would suggest it to someone who likes mild razors but it was deceptively efficient.

Tomorrow I may go back to the H plate as I think I prefer it but it was a close-run thing and I would be seriously tempted to pick up both plates if I bought the razor. I don’t think I’ll try the EH. I am looking forward to using it again though.


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Sadly, my time with the Yates has reached an end. Three days' growth today which is unusual but I wanted to see how it would handle longer stubble, the H plate made short work of it, and again the Yates delivered a close and very enjoyable shave. The EH plate didn't appeal to me but I enjoyed both the M and H plates with the H being my favourite.

I'm sad to see it move on, but would I buy one? That's a toughie. I got used to the 100mm handle but it's not my preferred length, the shorter handle is a better length but it's too fat and heavy and feels cumbersome. The design of the handles is fine but for me the proportions are wrong, this would be OK if I could swap handles, but the oddball threading and narrow gap prevents this. Unfortunately, much as I enjoyed the shaves and really like the razor the lack of a truly comfortable handle would I think be irksome and at the moment would stop me from buying one, which is a shame. I know the owner is talking about other handle options so I'l be interested to see what develops there.

Thanks to @Holyzeus for arranging the pass-around, I really liked the razor and given a middle-ground option for a handle would be seriously tempted to pick one up.


It's... alive!
The razor arrived earlier today and seems to have survived all the thrashing it it received in transit without harm.