Wow, the best shaving bowl ever is a dog bowl!


managed to get this collapsible pet bowl from tesco today for £1, strangely it wasnt in the pet section

i know it doesnt have the ridges like the other ones more of you lot use but for a quid i thought i'd grab it




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Just stumbled upon this thread. I see that some folks have questioned whether the nubs would hurt brushes. I’ve been using these bowls for some time after getting them from Stirling - they are indeed lather-making machines - and I had the same question. So I sent two leading brush makers photos and asked what they thought and they both answered that the the bowls would be absolutely fine with the (not cheap) badger brushes I had bought from them. [I’d mention their names (very well known) but I didn’t ask them at the time if I could share their thoughts.] Since then I’ve used the bowls with my brushes (badger and synthetics) without any problem. Having said all that, out of curiosity I’ve now ordered a nubless version to try.

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Iv Been using one of these bowls always exclusively for around 9-10 months and yes they are class
HOWEVER i won’t use them with my Expensive Badger or Boars.
It probably won’t do them any wrong i just don’t like it
Interesting find. I do have shave cups, those vintage type with the brush holder and other bowls I have repurposed. Anything can work,I guess. I started face lathering after watching an Italian barber video and never looked back...LOL!!


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I guess the bowls without the stegosaurus spines are for water, rather than food. They are indeed great bowls, as is the king-size Likkipet. My main complaint with them is that they do seem to come only in rather violent day-glo colours; in my case, lime green and a sort of mid-blush pink. Something more restrained would be more to my personal taste.

As for brushes, I've mainly moved to using synthetics in bowls, as some of my badgers are now irreplaceable. Despite the name, I also think it would be highly disrespectful to be using Fido's New Forest brushes in a dog bowl, of all things. The great thing with synths is that they are both durable and cheap enough to be able to give them a good swirling and working, in any sort of bowl or scuttle, without too much worry about damage and cost.

That said, I'm still pining for a Captain's Choice copper bowl.