Wolfman bronze WR1


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Which razors do you think shave better? I understand it's a personal preference but still I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
Rocnel 2021 adjustable, Titanium Taiga, Ti Blackbird, Yates Precision 921, Muhle Rocca, Charcoal goods V1, Gillette Single ring Chiseled Face Ti and Paradigm Diamondback. The Ti Timeless .68 OC is still my favorite daily driver.
I must agree the fit and finish on the original Polished Wolfman razors is still the gold standard.


I seem to be atypical but I’ve found my WR2 with 1.15 gap to be too harsh. I’m giving them another go and signed up for the list again in June for a 0.95 gap with the plan to sell the 1.15 but I’m not sure how it’ll go.


Both my Wolfman 0.94 WR1 & 1.55 WR2 are my favorite razors. Haven't used anything else in the past 3 weeks, with the exception of the Menlo Nealon I had in the passaround. Could easily sell everything else.