Lord Fatboy

Forgo Mud !
- Zercher squat
- Push press
- Two finger deadlift
- Cleans
- Banded dumb bell plyo iso murder shrugs
Though I've gone down in weight , volume was upped so not too bad after so many health issues (weighed myself and found I lost one and a half stones in two weeks !)


I've been off with a migraine headache/nausea/vomiting past weekend and haven't felt strong enough to workout since :( I'll try to get a session in over this weekend :unsure:


Forum GOD!
2019-Week 42
Just 49km of biking for the week. Still healing up from last months biking crash and still can't lie on my right side for all the bruised ribs.
An impromptu snowstorm earlier this week didn't help matters either.

Sun - off
Mon - off
Tue - off
Wed -off
Thu- off
Fri - Bike 29km
Sat - Bike 20km