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Nice Kit BTW.
Thanks. A couple weeks ago I broke them down for the first time in a very long time so I could jam at a friend's house. I noticed the double tom mount was a little loose and upon closer inspection I realized that the ball mounted on the post that extends into the bass drum was starting to loosen. I had heard this was typical of these mounts. I went online to find a replacement and found a guy in Texas who had them on his website. So i call him hoping to order one and he tells me that he's not making them because he really couldn't make any money from them. Not enough demand. And he tells me that he had gone to the Slingerland headquarters after Gretsch had bought them and they had a large bin of these things where every single one of them was cracked. He said the contractor that Slingerland had make them didn't understand the process for forming the polypropeline ball around the pipe. He said they should have heated the pipe before doing so which would have prevented the balls from cracking. So I kept searching and spoke to someone at Chicago Drum. They have a bunch of the original ones that have not been used. I figure this one took 45 years to finally become unuseable so I should be good for the remainder of my drumming career with this new ball and pipe.