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A bottle of Glen Keith Distillery Edition. Very nice indeed. Smooth and silky toffee apple..


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Ok. So, I realize this thread is about whiskey. The brown stuff. But at this point the weather has been in the 80's adn 90's F here in the northeast, putting me smack dab in the middle of summer. And during the summer I drink pretty much two things. Either Rum or vodka or a Vesper Martini which has both gin and vodka in it. So, I'll see you guys when the weather starts to chill a bit again in the Fall when I break out my single malt. Here's to ya'.


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Peated scotch does become an indoor later at night drink.

Several good bourbon summer drinks like Mint Julip
Crushed ice ( ice cubes and big hammer)
1/4 ounce simple syrup
8 mint leaves
2 ounces bourbon
few drops bitters
Garnish: mint sprig (optional for me)
Let sit for a while and crushed ice really helps (otherwise strong mint drink)

Old Fashion is good summer indoor drink on bar stool 6' from next person