Which blade suprised you the most


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Two outliers which have impressed me recently:

BIC Chrome Platinum - Very similar to Kai imho i.e. very sharp and good for 5 shaves
Dorco Prime - slightly sharper than average, butter smooth and again good for 5 shaves


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Shark Super Stainless. Great blades.
My first bulk buy of blades, 300 for £15 from bestshave.net. Remember those guys and their horse hair brushes?
Their website is long gone, but they have an Aliexpress page

Hi mate,
It didn't sound like that, they was unsure if they would ever stock them again and on their website they have put a re stock date of 2050!!!
Anyway, I've found another stockist from Germany and I've ordered ten blades to test from a blade selection chap on eBay , the ones on eBay apear to have printing on the blade and the ones I've been getting from Germany are totally blank but should be the same blade.
They are not the cheapest of blades at £50 for 100 blades from Germany but I think they are worth the extra money spent.
ive got a couple of hundred in my stash so I won't be running out anytime soon ! :)
Still waiting on a bulk buy of blades ( Schick Proline P.30s ) to get here from Japan, I will have to chase them up soon and see what's happening! P.
Thanks for the info. Hope the new Souplex blades are the same as the ones you used before even if the printing is different.


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Wizamet Iridium Super. They are fantastic blades, really sharp, up there with the Feather, but smoother and longer lasting in my opinion ( Not that it is worth anything ) A blade I'd never have tried due to the name. The name sounds like it is made in some dodgy factory somewhere in the depths of somewhere ending in Stan, probably is for all I know but I owe me finding them to @neko who included 50 in a recent purchase and I'm glad I decided to get them after initially refusing them.
Are the 'Wizzies' still made? I see some advertising as NOS?


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Are the 'Wizzies' still made? I see some advertising as NOS?
The most recent batch which seemed to hit retailers in Morocco and were authentic had printed dates until a few years ago, maybe 2017 or 2018? However, recently Gillette switched to having all their blades etched and there have been no etched PSI's/Wizzies it seems most likely these blades are no longer being made.