Featured What would you say is an affordable Titanium Shaving Brush?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Mr Bigmem, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    So i've been having many many discussions with Steve @vlasta of Alpha Shave Co regarding the use of different metals for shave brushes. And one of my comments to him was how it would be blooming amazing if there was someone who could bring together a project to produce a Titanium brush that was not only sexy looking, but also amazing quality and more reasonably priced than anything else on the market......

    My thoughts were even more focused on this after seeing this example of our last GB brush the Outlaw in Titanium. received_376597496393460.jpeg

    So I set Steve a challenge:
    1) Scale down the Outlaw a smidge to a 26mm (more people appear to favour this size as a sweet spot)
    2) Make it a price low enough for Titanium that would have you thinking how is he doing this.

    Steve has created a page to get peoples thoughts and get a sense check of his ideas.

    So do you guys think.
    Would this just be another high end brush that only a few want?
    Or is it something that would make you say Wow at that great price give me 2 lol.
    Are my assumptions even correct that 26mm is a sweet spot for many?
    Do any of you own Titanium hardware?
  2. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    How much is it Mem? I couldn’t be bothered to join the FB group to find out.
    26mm is ok for me IF the handle is a decent size and it appears so on this style. @Britva will have a small batch of 28mm ones
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  3. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    Steve hasn't set the price yet as he's seeing how low he can push it. More buyers lower cost per brush. The Britva ones are a collaboration with Steve. I believe it will only be only available in 28mm with one of Britvas lovely hand tied badger knots.

    The 26mm will come either as handle alone or with a SHD Manchurian, maybe a synth will be up for grabs as well. Still looking into what knots he can grab
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  4. N_Architect

    N_Architect Travel, See, Feel, Explore

    Thank you for the idea and for making this thread, Mem.

    After years of use with a wide variety of materials, in pens, watches, shaving gear, etc. including precious metal to an equal wide variety (rose gold, platinum, yellow gold palladium, rhodium) I am a strong advocate for the use of titanium.

    The only faults I can find in the use of Ti for applications such as watch cases & bracelets, razor handles & heads, pens is (a) the higher cost, (b) the susceptibility of polished titanium to scratches, and (c) the susceptibility of refined brushed titanium to fingerprints/smudges.

    I personally believe that a shaving brush handle in Ti would be very nice, and this particular Vlasta design is reportedly very ergonomic plus it has the advantage of high visual appeal. The 26mm is wisely chosen, I am sure many people use 24mm but I would favour the 26mm.

    Regarding the cost, I will give my opinion based on the assumption that a synthetic knot may be first fitted on.
    If a hi-end handle from Shavemac or Muhle with a nice knot comes at GBP 60 or 70 new, then I think the vlasta Ti brush will be at a disadvantage if its market price is beyond that amount. However at this market price I am not sure the artisan will be left with a fair margin.
  5. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    I don't think a Ti shave brush handle on its own could ever sell at £60-70. If Shavemac or Muhle made Ti handles I guarantee based on their current price scaling they'd be more than £300 a brush.....cheapest i've seen for a Ti shaving brush is excess of £200. Steve will be offering the handle on its own as well which will make it even more affordable.

    And the primary knot for this brush will be a 26mm SHD Fan Manchurian
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  6. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    There are very few titanium handles to benchmark against. The BSB 400 in titanium was in the region of €400 including a knot.

    For me titanium is highly desirable but it’s simply not cheap.
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  7. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    PS. I love the Alpha Outlaw handle. If I could afford a titanium one I’d be the first in line.
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  8. SeanC

    SeanC Forum GOD!

    SE London
    You need to treat the knot and handle as separate entities. Nearly all the margin is in the former

    As a starting point titanium costs approximately three times the price of aluminium per kg

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  9. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    I suspect it’s going to be more than i’d be willing to pay anyway. After reading though the FB group I think, IMO, that until a price range is mentioned peoples interest is muted
  10. N_Architect

    N_Architect Travel, See, Feel, Explore

    I was way off in the price estimate, sadly.
  11. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    I simply can't see the advantage of having a Titanium handle vs stainless steel and the latter ,I assume, is less costly. For me the same applies to Titanium razors. So for me it is a no fly zone unless the cost can be greatly reduced at some point.

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  12. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Some of us feel that stainless is too heavy.
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  13. Thug

    Thug Let's talk about 6, Baby.

    Johannesburg, RSA
    I joined the FB group yesterday and would be very interested in a Ti handle matched to Black Eagle Shaving hand-tied knot.

    All depends though on the price of the handle.
  14. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum DOG!

    Cumbria, England
    I would love one in aluminium but think that the Ti is likely to cost more than I’d want to pay. Can’t see the page as I’m not on Facebook.
  15. Nisse

    Nisse Veteran

    Would make great looking door knobs/tap handles/radiator handles for the rich and famous, maybe a bigger potential market than shaving brushes :)
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