What watch are you wearing today (WRUW)


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It was just nice to see one again. It was a daily watch. I ruined many a heavily starched cuff (LOL!!)and the gold as beginning to rub off. I had it from the 1980's through 2001. It was in the company van where I had removed before a round of golf. I replaced it with a Hamilton Khaki which stopped two years ago.
I'm surprised at a Hamilton stopping after so soon. I am a fan of the Khaki, awesome looking watches 👍

Northam Saint

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My new Apple Watch SE.
Just over a year ago my old Apple Watch 3 died a horrible death.
They may be waterproof, but if you put your hands in a steaming hot washer-dryer while wearing an Apple Watch, the glue will soften and the watch face will just fall off. If you don't notice in time, the flimsy cables connecting the watch face to the innards will be ripped off and that's that.
I missed the convenience of that watch and this weekend after 13 months of wavering I decided to get a replacement.
Not second hand like the last one (no warranty when the washer-dryer killed it), but a new one.
I was very pleased that when pairing the watch with my iPhone, it suggested restoring a backup from my old watch.
It even reinstalled my custom "beloved cat" watch face again.
And my old watch strap (orange 'NATO'-ish style) still fits the new watch.
I love orange - one of my other two watches is a Seiko Orange Monster,
Only complaint: I couldn't buy the new watch without a strap for less money.
Now I have a black strap which I will never use unless I have to go to a funeral.
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