What video game are you playing?


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My all time favourite is the F. E. A. R. series. Next ia Call of Duty. I have an older configuration, but i've manged to make it to Black ops 2, but not beyond... Loved Oblivion, but never finished it due to a system crash... Simply couldn't get myself to start all over again. And because i was in fear of the same jinx i have with Diablo 2: started it 3 times, every single time had a system crash. Serious Sam is also great, the last one i've finished is the B.F.F.E. I've enjoyed Neverwinter nights 1 and 2 very much as well. No One Lives Forever was also a blast. Basically i don’t play much, am very picky, but when i find something good i tend to do re-runs on high difficulty after some time.
No One Lives Forever was amazing at the time. I replayed it earlier this year and while the graphics are dated now, I still loved the gameplay and humour.


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Haven’t played anything since Red Dead Redemption 2. Boy that was a great game. Haven’t picked up the PS4 since.