What shavette did you use today?

Do you use a shavette?

  • Yes, regularly

    Votes: 17 31.5%
  • Once in a while

    Votes: 23 42.6%
  • No

    Votes: 14 25.9%

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Forum GOD!
Feather SS clone
Kai ProTouch MG #15 and still going strong, intend to continue with it untill it starts tugging
Balea boar brush, 22mm
Dendi Rose scented, custom formulated glycerin free AS
4711 cologne to tone down the overpowering rose scent (which i don't dislike, but the fragrance is simply too strong)
P. S. Lustray Blue Spice AS has also proven itself to be excellent to tone down the rose scent.


Forum GOD!
Tuesday 9th August

Zenith Boar - Signature Soaps Capra - Tedalus Essence/Feather Professional - Lustray Spice AS

The maiden outing for the Essence...and very nice it was! Balance and ergonomics were spot on. The blade had already had a couple of shaves so was broken in nicely. I know I am goiing to have a lot of very nice shaves with this one!


Doctor Strange of Wetshaving
Today actually not used a shavette ... but I've some pics. :angelic:

All started with the golden standard in '80 italian barbershop.
Daune Replica Full White.

Another italian classic.
Universal Lama Intera.

And another one.
Vanta RA111 Lama Intera.

Something funny and scaring.
Sanguine R2 Cool Blade Purple.

The monster.
DonJae Chopper 1.0 Blue.

The dandy.
Jaguar Solingen Orca 3807 w/ Long Blade JT3.

The perfectionist.
Hess Ezy Shave No.1010 w/ Personna Hair Shaper.

The Double Edge Kamisori, italian style.
Razorine Shavette DErazor Hybrid Polished Brass.

The original japan style.
Kasho Kai Captain Kamisori Japan Style (CAP-J7) w/ Feather Injector Pro Super

The western.
Kasho Kai Captain R7 Pakka Special Edition Folding Razor (CAP-RW) w/ Sapphoo Red (Kai Captain Titan Mild MG ProTouch Replica)