What private plates do you have

Beau Nidle

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When you've been married for 44 years your wife has no idea what to buy you for Christmas. Hence I now have registration L3RWN (my initials) on the car.

The moral, kiddies, is to start saying things like "I've always wanted to get a........" from the middle of October onwards to ensure you get something you actually want and/or is of some practical use.


Steve Bowles

I was going to say, 'My bottom one', but then I realized it was a different topic entirely.

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The plate I liked the most that I ever saw was this plate. I use to see it in the Portsmouth area a lot in the 90's.



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The closest I have gotten to personal plates is to get a veterans plate signified with a poppy on it.



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Got a cherished plate on the X4 which will mean nothing to anybody accept those from a certain occupation. It reflects the 30 years I put into a certain role. Cheap and just personal to me and my ex colleagues. The i3S though I managed to get my 2 initials with the wife's 3 initials thereafter. xx69xxx . Again personal to us and cheap but she liked it and for some reason suggested it had a rude connotation. .... and no my name is not Xavier Xray before the smart arses start and she is not Xena Xeo Xray.
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