What Phone you have and Why.


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A very YMMV thing. But I am interested to hear from you folks which phone/hardware you have and why? Why iPhone or Android? I am almost sick of being pointed out as 'that guy' for carrying a phone that was smart once upon a time but fell behind. Not that I care a bit but in this increasingly bipolar world I will probably jump to the dark side since I don't have a suitable replacement to my preferred ecosystem.


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I have a oneplus 3t.
I got it used, as i generally do.
A number of reasons.
I am not a 'typical' user it seems.
I am not bothered by all the flashy 'helpful' things that google etc etc do. (all are annoying and storage/ram/battery wasting)
They just all get on my nerves.
I am not a 'gamer'.

I have dabbled with changing operating systems before and rather liked that i could choose what apps I do and don't have on my phone.
I shall look at going tgoogle free again when i get round to it.

I rather like the Linux Ubuntu Touch OS, but it isn't ready yet. Well, it worked fine enough for me, apart from they haven't sussed Bluetooth yet.
I am sat in a van all day and use BT all day.
Anyway, It worked on the Oneplus One (which i had)and also the 3T, so I am hoping that it works and I can flip over to that.

It has 6gb RAM and 128GB storage.
Loads enough RAM for me and loads of storage for decent quality music and hundreds of hours of podcasts.
Enough for potentially videos if I want to.
The battery is fairly simple to change.

All for £90 about six months or a year ago.
I shall be keeping this one a while.

It will improve when i go with another OS as it will have less 'gadgets' and stuff that usesds up its its resources.
Then it will improve again if i go google free.
Then again if I go Ubuntu Touch.


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Samsung Galaxy S9 - Android
I was using budget phones in the past and always faced technical problems. Freezing, slowing, bluetooth or NFS problems and so on.
Then I asked my employer for Galaxy S7 which was their flagship phone at that time and loved it. Never had one problem with it and photo quality was really good as well. My wife uses it now and I have S9 which is not that different, just software updates.


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iPhone 7, probably going to keep it until it dies or is no longer supported so it should be good for another year. I have a Mac and an iPad so the iPhone works well with the rest of the ecosystem.

I had an iPad because at the time I bought it there were no decent 10" Android tablets. Windows 10 drove me back toward UNIX and as I had a couple of pieces of hardware that wouldn't play nicely with Linux the only way to go completely Windows-free was MacOS. Frustrations with Sony's inability to make the adaptive backlight work over two phones and several updates pushed me to try an iPhone and I've stuck with it.

I have had Android in the past and wouldn't necessarily rule out going back but at the moment IOS suits my needs better and I like Apple's stance on privacy. Plus, cliche that it is, everything just seems to work as it should.


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I have an Apple iPhone 1st Generation SE, which I bought because it was about the smallest smartphone I could find and which fitted in the pockets of my A2 jacket. It also works quite well, but they no longer make it, and the new SE is bigger.

The other phone I have is a 100% dumb Nokia 105, which does calls and SMS, has an immense battery life, its own operating system, and no other connectivity (no WiFI or Bluetooth). It cost £17.99, and my own welcome screen says "Welcome to Luddite Paradise".


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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
6gb Ram, 128gb storage.

It's android. I got it cheap, a 5g flagship for £120 on an O2 refresh deal.
Last phone was a Razer Phone 2, before that a Razer Phone 1.
I got those for their batteries and speakers.
I don't care for huge screens, I am all about battery life and snappiness. Much like @Grarea I'm not at all interested in gimmicks.
I want solid hardware, good battery life and quick responsive screen with a decent resolution. I would never pay for another Apple device. The 160gb iPod classic that now lives in my car, a purchase many years ago when iPods existed, will be my last.

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iPhone 8 because of FaceTime. Most of the extended family has iPhones and iPads, and it makes video calls so much easier.

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iPhone XR, had several generations and I’m so use to them now changing would be too hard. That aside they all work well, and work well together. I have an IPad (2018), ipencil, Apple Watch, Mac Air, Magic Mouse, Beats headphones (part of Apple).


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Another fan of the iPhone SE first generation, mainly because of the size, cost, Apple's privacy policy; Apple Pay and it works seamlessly with a Mac. Surprisingly for an old design, Apple has seen fit to continue releasing software updates for this model; it currently runs the latest, IOS 14. They are delicate though, heavy rain has made two of mine go kaput...they do not like water!. But for about £100 refurbished in the UK, it is a good deal if you prefer small phones and you are ok with the Apple eco system. I will look at Huwaei in the future as I suspect they will pull ahead of Apple and Google technically and provide better value if they do not already.


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Xiaomi Redmi Note 6.
Better, cheaper than any Samsung, and runs exceptionally well.
Its replacement, soon I hope, will again be a similar or higher spec Xiaomi or Huawei.