What motorcycle do you or would you have?


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I have an Aprilia SL 1000 Falco. Probably the best sports tourer ever made (and before the term was coined). also a Skyteam Dax 125 for commuting around town. My girl has a 2nd gen SV 650.

I'd really like to add a vitpilen 701 to the stable but I do not ride enough that the expense would be justified. If it's raining when i want to leave the house nowadays I'll just take a car. Not getting younger...



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My father is a president of a local MC so I have been around bikes since forever. Yet I never had a real one.
I've been riding scooters for 17 years now, when I was younger I was into tunning but later acquired a 200cm Aprilia Sportcity and it hang around for 10 years. I think of getting rid of it, I don't use it that much since the baby came and all...

Anyway, would like to own some real bike one day, something like those vintage Hondas CBs, Triumph Boneville or BMW R Nine....


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this is the model of motorcycle I currently have. 2005 Honda Rebel 250 cc. I’m seriously considering putting it up for auction in the spring as I don’t ride it much anymore.


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I'd like to get my hands on the new Ducati Desert Sled...... my kinda bike. Dual sport, 800+cc, comfy ride position.....


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On nice sunny days I miss my Kawasaki W800, which I sold two years ago. The aggro of London traffic and the constant worry of theft or damage finally made me decide that it wasn't worth the bother. If I lived somewhere more rural, with a shed or a garage, and nice roads on my doorstep, I would love to have a nice bike again. Still have my helmet and leathers in the loft - I haven't given up yet. But riding a bike in the city does take the fun out of it for me.