What else do wet shavers do?


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I too reload and sometimes form brass for hard to find calibers (7.7 Arisaka). Mostly shoot and reload common stuff and sometimes more exotic (7.65 Argentine). I don’t mess with any of the black powder stuff.
I too reload 7.7. What's your favorite load?

I enjoy playing video games, hiking, records, reading, working on cars, and un-f**king my yard lol.


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I only do one hobby at a time. I used to shoot and reload for both rifle and pistol. Some of the lesser known rifle cartridges were 22 Hornet, 6.5X57 Mauser, 280 Ross and 6.5X54 MS. Had a 54 cal. Hawken black powder rifle also.

Then, I got the photography bug and wound up with a bunch of Nikon and Leica gear.

The firearms and camera gear are mostly gone now. Shaving in all it's glory has taken over the hobby spot.



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Other than shaving, my interests include music. That means both listening and playing. I play the drums, sort of, and since my job loss has become long term, I'm starting to play them more and have since joined a band that gets together to jam every other week. I'd like to improve to a level where I can start sitting in some open mics and see if I can find a band that will play out. And I'm thinking of acquiring a couple cymbals to add to my "sound". I play an old Slingerland Stage Band drum kit in White Marine Pearl wrap. It was a four piece when my parents bought it for me at age 13 in 1975. Since then I found a second Stage Band tom in excellent condition so I've got an 8x12, 9x13 and 14x14 that are all authentic. I added a small 10" roto tom on the top end and a Premier 16x16 floor tom in White Marine Pearl on the bottom end. Slingerland never made a larger floor tom for the Stage Band kits. I've thought about commissioning someone to make me a small tom and a large tom using the same Slingerland hardwear so it would be all matching and I'd have an awesome 7 piece kit. I'm also beginning to learn how to play double bass pedals. Beginning is the operative word.

As for listening I'm a big fan of jazz, jazz fusion, R&B, funk, classic rock and some prog rock. Oh. And of course, Zappa. Pretty much everything I listen to is old, like me. I recently bought a Rega turntable to play my modest vinyl collection. And I love seeing music live and have gone with some friends and my son to see lots of stuff in NYC at The Iridium, The Jazz Standard, The Village Vanguard and The Blue Note.

I am also into cycling. But only when the weather is warm enough. 60 degrees F is my beginning comfort zone and I'll ride until it's about 100 degrees. I just make sure I'm hydrated and will take frequent breaks so as not to suffer from heat stroke. I have a Motobecane Sprintour road bike. It's not made in France but is a 2001 (I think) vintage from Taiwan with aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork and rear stays with full Ultegra kit. I really like it. It's quick and fun. My other ride is an older Schwin Mesa GSX hardtail mountain bike which I have upgraded with various things such as Marzocchi Bomber Z4 front shock, Sun Ryno Lite rims, Titec bars and seatpost and Schimano LX derailleurs and cranks. It's a great bike but I've grown too fat for the kind of mountain biking I was doing back in the mid 2000's. I keep saying I'll lose weight so I can get back to doing it but everything seems much harder at this age.

I also am a big fan of drinking. And it covers the gammut. I like beer. Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA is one of my favorites. I also absolutey love Chimay. All three varieties. I seem to be drawn to Belgian ales. Especially the abbey ales. I'm always trying different beers when I can but because of my weight issues I don't go for a beer as often as I used to. I love wine. I'm parital to big reds such as Napa Cabernets, Russian River Valley and Williamette Valley Pinot Noirs, french wines like Chateauneuff du Pape, any kind of Bordeaux, some Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone, and italian wines like Barolo and Brunello de Montalcino. And as for spirits, the list is a long one. My real favorite is single malt scotch. My absolute favorite after trying many of them is Lagavulin 16. I have had their Limited Edition 12 year old and have an unopened bottle of their Distiller's Reserve 16 year. I've also bought a few bottles of their recently released 8 year old and really like it as well. So the 8 and 16 are permanent staples in my bar. I'm also into American whiskey and bourbons. Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey is especially nice as is their Straight Bourbon. I'm a big fan of Rum as well. My favorite is El Dorado 15 year. I also bought a bottle of Zacapa that was very nice and smooth. But the El Dorado is my fav. As for clear spirits, I'm partial to Ketel One vodka and I like Bombay Sapphire gin. And even better, I like making Vesper Martinis in the summer which is 1 part vodka, 3 parts gin and 1/2 part Lillet blonde with a lemon twist, served up. Obviously I use the Ketel and Bombay. Absolutley delicious. And dangerous. More than two and I'm down for the count. I'll also have a Black Sambuca or Drambuie on occassion. I also really like port wine. I drink all my spirits straight or on the rocks. I never mix, unless you consider the Vesper martini mixing.

I'll enjoy a cigar on occassion. My favorite cigar is a Ashton with a maduro wrapper.

And lately I've taken to cooking more since I have the time on my hands. I've gotten pretty good in the kitchen. I find recipes that I think I can handle and follow them or some approximation. The other day I made chicken parmigiana for the first time and it came out incredibly amazing. I'm really good at something called chicken Gizmonda. It's basically francaise. Chicken breast pounded, dredged in flour and egg batter, half cooked in oil, then sauted in white wine, lemon, butter and garlic. I used to make it for girls I was dating in college and after and it worked like a charm. I'll need it again pretty soon.

And related to cooking, I've begun to get into coffee. At the moment I'm obsessed with making cafe au lait using my Baratza Virtuoso grinder, and a Bodum french press. I'll froth some milk with a manual frother and both the wife and kid love it (decaf only for both of them). I like the high test. Lately I've been buying Bluestone Coffee Sumatra something or other beans. A medium/dark roast. Delicious. I've picked out an espresso set up and am waiting a little bit before I pull the trigger on a Cafelat Robot manual espresso machine and a Niche Zero grinder that will be dedicated to just espresso. I'll augment that with a Bellman stove top steamer for milk drinks like lattes.

I'm also a big fan of the outdoors. Camping in the Adirondack Mountains is one of my favorite things. I've taken my son many times over the years. Mostly canoe camping. If I ever lose the weight I'd like to put on a pack again and do some backpacking. Skiing is also something I enjoy.

Far more information than anyone would ever want to hear. If you are still reading this then you have way too much time on your hands, like me. Clearly I am fairly narcissistic. Interested to read other's posts as well.
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Gym (weights) can’t bear the stationary rowers, treadmills etc.
Riding my bike.

Need another dog to get me out for walks and off-road cycling.



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Squash, occasional fishing, trekking, travelling, enjoy my ales and food too :)


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I enjoy cooking and fishing for salmon here in Ireland. It is getting tougher. Unfortunately a lot of poaching going on...


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I keep bonsai trees kept them since I was a kid and like to get out into nature mainly bird watching


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Gym, Fitness, Running, Cycling.
Obviously no Gym at the moment, but I am getting great workouts on my garage with a 24Kg Kettlebell, TRX, Olympic rings and a 4ft heavy bag. I could really do with a 16Kg kettlebell and a 30Kg Kettlebell, but they are few and far between.
I've have just entered "Lakesman in Lockdown", a 54 mile Cycle and half marathon to be done on the 20/21 June. I've not ran or cycled these distances for many months/years, so a decent challenge for me!