What are YOUR favorite blades?


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Lately been loving the Wizamet SI’s, though found that four shaves was a bit too much and got some irritation. Could be a technique thing of course, but will likely stick to three and out.


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For DE blades several varieties of Russian blades have been good. I tried some Derby Extra blades and liked them enough to get 200 on a good buy. All the mentioned blades are good for 7 four pass shaves for me.

For SE blades nothing I have tried beats Personna GEM PTFE coated stainless steel blades.


Mike Smart

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Most things Russian
Although Ultimate favourite
( at the moment) is
Gillette Super Thin Platinum ( Thailand)


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I honestly cannot choose one. When I had a small collection I found that each one shaved better with a different blade, finding the blade for each razor was part of the fun. I still have around a Dozen different blades but I no longer have a collection of razors. I have enough left to see me into the ground.
Out of curiosity and if you don’t mind sharing, what setup have you ended up with. I haven’t always been around here and my memory plays tricks but was it the Leaf that you turned to?


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When using a new razor, I start with Gillette Rubies. They work in every razor I have tried them in. Reasons for using other blades are that in some razors, I can get a more efficient result with a different blade. 2nd place feather. 3rd place Minora
I think I have a new favourite. The Gillette Winner Platinums.

I was already a huge fan of the Indian made Gillette Blacks but the Winners seem even smoother to me. Needless to say I’ve stocked up on them :happy: