What are YOUR favorite blades?


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I already made a thread of what MY favorite double edge blades are. Now it's your turn :)
I have 14 different blades in my stash
While all of them are really great blades
Because I only buy what I consider to be a great blade for me, if I had to choose
Only 5 blades as the top tier they would be !!!
Polsilver SI
7o'clock Super platinum ( Blacks )
7o'clock Sharp Edge ( Yellows )
Silver Star Super Stainless ( lord )
These are consistently my favorites in my rotation , although they are not my
Only favorites within my stash....


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In no particular order:

Iridium Super
Polsilver Super Iridium
Gillette 7 O'Clock SP Black
Perma-Sharp Super
Gillette Silver Blue
Personna Medical Prep
Gillette Bleue Extra


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Gillette 7 o'clock yellow (amazing blade)
Astra SP green
Supermax blue diamond (doesn't last long, but great while it does and cheap)
Rubies, Nacets, 7 o'clocks, Astras, Perma-sharp, Rapiras,Voskhod. Basically any Russian made blades have worked great for me.
Sharks and some of the other Egyptian and Pakistan made blades are very good too for a very low price.
The ones I avoid are Personna PC and Wilkinson Sword Classic. These two blades were like shaving with a piece of cardboard! Rough, tugging and just awful (for me) of course.... hope this is is not too clichéd but... YMMV :p::D:laugh: