What are you waiting to arrive ~ 2021


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My hiatus on purchases for the first half of 2021 is not going well. But I am currently living downstairs whilst I do rehab / physio for my knees and most of my shave gear is upstairs...It goes without saying that I need to have some variety on hand in the downstairs bathroom too. And therefore these purchases don't really count. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Dr Watson

All Sheffield James or some German ?
No list given, just a couple of pictures but I've been able to identify:

J. Nowill & Sons KrossKeys Sheffield
Marsh Brothers ROXO Sheffield
Kropp/Cadman/Bengall/C.Myers - Unsure which but Sheffield either way
"Superior Concave Grind" - Can't make out the brand but etching like that means Sheffield
Emil Jansen Solingen Wald

All appear to be early 20th century, were apparently owned by the ladies late Father.... Plenty of rust but no hone wear :)
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