What are you waiting to arrive ~ 2021


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Hi Rob,
That's really good to hear. I was looking at information on Roja Danger Pour Homme yesterday, not to buy it.
I wore a clone of it (Alexandria Danger Zone) as I can't justify £375 (50ml) for something like that.
There were comparisons to Danger PH so I thought it would be worth a punt as Danger Zone is nothing short of fantastic but is very strong for the office. With the Guerlain / Roja Dove connection and at £45 then it was a no brainer
I went for the EDP as it is suppossed to restrain the projection over the EDT & thought it would be good for work/office situations.
Looking at the reviews it looks like something I will really like & I'm looking forward to getting it.
A few years ago I asked for recommendations (on another shaving forum) for a fragrance for my Sister’s wedding day. A couple of members suggested Heritage. It wasn’t silly money so I bought it blind. It was love at first sniff! Laffin! I’ve since recommended to others and everyone has loved it. A really classy fragrance. I'll be amazed if you don't love it!