What are you waiting on to arrive - 2020


Forum GOD!
This damned Bare Siero.

Still in the g(r)eek airport.

Randy told me he wants to make a review with it because @CobraX is waiting for this for a long time.
It was my go-to razor for a long time. Just treat it with respect (no pressure, shallow angle) and you’ll be fine. There’s a lot of blade feel, but no need to be scared of it. I’ve always found its reputation greatly exaggerated. I’ve cut myself more often with milder razors. Very efficient razor by the way.
Thanks...I will be carefull. More carefull than with my Rockwell 6C...

Don't be afraid of this beast.

Just load a Feather and let the party begin..
I will load it with Voskhod and let the party begin!