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I watched it on the IPTV app that I run through my Amazon 4K Firestick, It was amazing, not only some of my all-time favourite performers also some great documentary social history intermixed, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I would have loved to be there.
As a result of your post, I searched for viewings yesterday and came up trumps. A short trip over to Southampton this afternoon and armed with a coffee I found myself in a reclining seat moving my feet and head to the music. A slightly spontaneous adventure and a treat I thoroughly enjoyed. :thumbsup:

Highly recommend this cinema too for anyone in the area. I will be taking a few trips over in the future, that's for sure.

Loved the documentary and find myself agreeing with you Jamie, what a treat indeed to of been there. I have goosebumps thinking of the 6 concerts and watching the likes of Stevie Wonder, David Ruffin , Nina Simone, BB King...

Makes me wonder how many "at the time" unknown acts also played that have since made it big? I do hope they release some more of the not shown footage.

Shocking to also think that no one was interested in this footage for 50 years. So glad it was not destroyed.

Thank you Jamie for your post on this. :happy:


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