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Listened to all the Mercury Prize nominees. I can see a case for Michael Kiwanuka. Not my thing, though. Anna Meredith is undeniably musically interesting but I'm not sure she's Mercury material. I did go on to listen to a few tracks of Anna Meredith on YT and enjoyed them. But I wouldn't go back and listen to more. I find Laura Marling fairly boring despite her following. And the bigger names are absolutely not interesting to me, especially Stormzy, Kano and Dua Lipa. They did nothing to deserve a win this year. I did think there were some creative sounds in Charli XCX, and Porridge Radio had a lot of style and attitude. Those two stood out as different. In fact if I were forced to chose a winner I might go for Charli XCX. Not for her stage act, but the sounds were well imagined and put together.

No Wolf Alice this time round for me. Listening to the BBC programme as I write.
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Sunday Baroque on public radio.

Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pygmalion: excerpts
James Richman/Concert Royal Orchestra

Manuel Correa: Para que quiero la vida?
La Grande Chapelle

Luis Venegas de Henestrosa: Entrada
The Harp Consort; Andrew Lawrence-King, harp

Music played without any vibrato may sound 'authentic,' but to my modern ear it just sounds flat and lifeless.