Weight loss time


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How is everyone doing?
@Wayne @N_Architect ?
Just noticed this post.

I am stable with respect to the weight lost, have hit a plateau in other words for the last 3-4 months.
Have not lost more weight as I do not really walk much or exercise.

For some odd reason I struggle with weight loss during winter months, at least this is what I have observed in the last 2-3 years.

Regardless, I plan to shed more pounds as spring approaches....


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Over the last 5 years I have lost 9 stone. I started by eating clean so no processed foods or cokes drinks etc. Then about 3 years ago My wife and I went whole food plant based after watching the Game Changers so no meat fish or dairy. I thought it would be hard as I was BIG meat eater, but it was not an issue. We both feel so much better blood, pressure normal and pre- diabetes gone. W e do not weight any food or count calories. My wife really got into the cooking side of this way of eating which helped a lot. I have never felt so good.
If anyone needs any pointers or websites etc please contact me happy to help.
One last point we all fall of the wagon from time to time which is not a problem the main thing is to get back on track asap.
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Get yourself a smoothie maker..the spinach and kale ones I was drinking were terrible, but now I put ice cream, treacle, cake and toblerones in it and they taste great 😃👍

I also take an apple to work...not a normal apple, a toffee apple.. delicious 😋