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I remember he did a video where he shaved with washing up liquid. I imagine his technique is pretty much honed over years and he might have decent non sensitive skin and possibly a straightforward grain direction.

I agree with a lot of what he says about de’s though. That being said, I did notice a big step up when I moved to the first Premium Razor I bought (was a Brass Karve), the rigid blade and lack of blade chatter made a big difference with the razor bumps I was experiencing at the time. Not really had that problem since I started using those types of razor.
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I enjoyed watching this video. His realisation of pointlessness of constant acquisition is recognisable. But I think it’s a bit sad that it leads him to give up on the ‘art of shaving’ altogether. I do think there is a real joy in using a beautifully made razor, brush or soap. It’s like his revulsion with his own overconsumption made him a basic utilitarian shaver again - why not just stick to one beautiful razor, one high end brush and one classic soap and sell off all the rest?


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Wow! That's a long time. My Shavemac has around 5000 shaves on it, 15 years old. But it's shedding a bit now. I think I didn't look after it carefully enough over the years. I will keep it going hopefully for another 5 years, then I will reknot it.


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Where can I find the video discussed in this thread? The original link in OP seems defunct/censored.
It’s gone because CDB turned around on all of this stuff and had a change of attitude, decided to become more positive within the community. He stopped talking about politics etc in his videos and is using artisan stuff again. He’s actually back to being a good guy to watch.


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re: shaving videos; I must be something of an outlier, but if I‘ve seen a half dozen such videos, it’s a lot. This may sound rude, so I apologize in advance, but who proclaimed these people as experts? Other than perhaps about 2-3 years of sporting a beard at various times, I’ve been shaving my face for 48 years; that’s probably somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000+ shaves. I’m capable of forming my own opinions. I‘ve rarely spent foolishly. I own what I like, and I like what I own. That said, yes, it’s true. I don’t really need more than my favorite old Tech, and maybe two or three brushes. Otoh, I really do like having a modest variety of shave gear from which to choose. It’s fun💈