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I remember he did a video where he shaved with washing up liquid. I imagine his technique is pretty much honed over years and he might have decent non sensitive skin and possibly a straightforward grain direction.

I agree with a lot of what he says about de’s though. That being said, I did notice a big step up when I moved to the first Premium Razor I bought (was a Brass Karve), the rigid blade and lack of blade chatter made a big difference with the razor bumps I was experiencing at the time. Not really had that problem since I started using those types of razor.
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I enjoyed watching this video. His realisation of pointlessness of constant acquisition is recognisable. But I think it’s a bit sad that it leads him to give up on the ‘art of shaving’ altogether. I do think there is a real joy in using a beautifully made razor, brush or soap. It’s like his revulsion with his own overconsumption made him a basic utilitarian shaver again - why not just stick to one beautiful razor, one high end brush and one classic soap and sell off all the rest?