Review Vicco Turmeric Shave Cream


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Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cream @dowsing. I'm still dubious about the ingredients list, performance and price are good though.


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Excellent lather, great skin protection, reasonably-priced, but the scent absolutely revolts me. The wife even begged me to throw it away.


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Interesting. Think I'll try adding some to my next DIY effort. Turmeric is good stuff.

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Thanks to @Nishy for the pass around, here is my review of the Vicco Turmeric Shave cream.
Available here:
and probably elsewhere too.
I started with:

A 30 second whisk, water flicked out, resulted in:

A teaspoon or so of water:

More water:

And final later:

I am impressed!
This stuff is awesome, the scent is lovely, not sure if it smells of Turmeric or not, but is it clean and fresh.
It has a slight cooling effect too, think Proraso sensitive sort of cooling, not cold.
The lather has enough protection, enough slip and slide and post shave feel is pretty damn good.
Yeah it may not be exotic, exciting or cool, but this is real decent cream. I can seem me keeping a tube for travelling/camping and such like.

Thanks @Nishy for the chance to try it!
Thanks for the review


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Nishy, TBH there is just a faint sandalwood like scent to it. If you are looking for real deal the nearest genuine sandalwood comes from this bathing soap. So I load a bit from this soap and load more from proper unscented shave soap.
I am a sandalwood snob and anything else dubbed as sandalwood makes no sense to me. Sorry that wasn't being much helpful I know.


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Godrej is fantastic. Didn't see that coming to be honest from such a cream.

You should all try the Dettol cream. Really slick.


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This happy chappy watched me shave today. What's not to like about that? This cream is so slick with a really unique but pleasant smell. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this @donnie_arko