****** Vendors and Artisans - please read these guidelines******

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ATG welcome all businesses. ATG will be supportive of vendors and artisans by offering an area where they can promote their business.

ATG will always remain impartial. Honest and constructive criticism, negative reviews and/or opinions will be as welcome as positive ones - providing they are posted with genuine intent

This area "Vendor News and Offers" is a designated area for 'paid supporting' vendors and artisans to promote their businesses.

Personal or vendor/artisan accounts
Regarding personal and vendor/artisan accounts; the member can decide which type of account they want, if a member chooses a personal account then the member cannot promote his / her products, services, themselves or company / business anywhere on the forums. If a member wants to promote or represent his / her company or products then he / she must have a PAID vendor / artisan account and must only promote in the vendor (or specified) forums - There is no restriction on any non promotional postings.

Setting your account as a PAID Vendor or Artisan. Please PM @Nishy and request your account to be set as a Vendor or Artisan.
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