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No pre shave prep for me as it has not been beneficial when I tried it, ymmv of course.

Hard to beat a well broke in boar brush so why did I spend money on high end 2 band badgers.

On hard pucks you "load" the brush with soap and finish "building" your lather on either your face or in a bowl/scuttle.



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Fantastic thread, will have to contribute after work.

I have a few controversial opinions I'd like to share.

Definitely subscribed.


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My possibly unpopular opinions:
- There are no big differences in artisan soaps today and most of them are pretty close and pretty good. Most opinions are based on sympathy, appealing design, artisans personal story etc.
- Special kinds of tallow, oils, milks, mumbo jumbo is not important to have a slick, protective lather and in the end a great shave.
- A thick, dense, yoghurty, creamy,cool whipy lather is not important to have a proper shave, it just looks better and people talk too much about ''dialing it in'', finding the perfect recipe to create that perfect lather - see any barbershop videos, old YT videos like Steven Faragher....
- Related to the previous - adding glycerin, creating super uber lathers is pure bullshit.
- The post shave feeling of a soap is not important. Except if one doesn't use aftershave. Which most people do.
- Blooming is not beneficial and not necessary to get a proper lather.
- Don't see any benefit to pre-shaves.
- Cartridges are not the reason for bad shaves and I don't believe that triple blade technology causes irritations.
- We all know higher prices don't mean better product but when it comes to brushes this is most expressed. People pay way too much for brushes.
- Blade differences are way less pronounced than people claim they are
- Modern razors are better than vintage razors in terms of smoothness and efficiency.
- Modern (synth) brushes are better than classic badger/boar. The differences are not that big in terms of performance and effort to use it is minimal.
- We're all too crazy, it's only shaving.


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Once the same "unpopular" opinion is expressed by 5+ individuals can it still be called unpopular? Synthetics outperforming naturals is way out in the lead :happy:
As interesting a meta comment is the fact that contradictory opinions of the binary kind are both posted as unpopular in this thread. (Unless middle of the road is at all possible and indeed the commonly held opinion.) The benefits/inefficacy of pre-shave and superlather being striking examples.


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The Proverb of the Emperor's New Clothes should be mandatory reading for all forum members

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I agree on the boar issue, I'll never waste my money again on a badger. Zenith boar brushes are fantastic fresh out of the box, and get better with each use.

I use my blades until they tell me they are done, and I don't remove the blade from the razor until it's time to change it.

I use hard soap pucks, I never bloom, and I lather on top of the puck.

The Gillette OLD type is the best DE razor ever made!

The best handle for a vintage razor is the one the factory put on it, and no handle over 3 1/4" should ever be used on ANY razor.

Stainless steel is for blades, brass is for razors.
Number 5 is the only one I'd quibble with. I don't dry hard soaps either, just stick the lid back on and go.


Once the same "unpopular" opinion is expressed by 5+ individuals can it still be called unpopular? Synthetics outperforming naturals is way out in the lead :happy:
My favourite ever brush (in my vast experience :roflmao:) is the Muhle synthetic I bought from your good self.
Love it

Maybe this thread should be like the PIF and trade threads - hidden from Noobs.
With all this contradiction, they may realise, none of us know what we are doing.

The only “truth” on the forum is YMMV

I feel there is a vast difference in blade brands, though I can’t see a good reason why.

I like TOBS Sandlewood (soap and cream).

Perfumed aftershave is for girls.
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Duck fat, goose fat, lard, liposuction discharge is great for shaving soaps - nope everyone's skin is different ...

A couple that I'm currently researching:
1.Menthol is good for the skin when shaving
2. EO have little to no affect on skin condition or sensitivity long term.
Love the comment about liposuction discharge Nishy. [emoji23]

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on your last two points.

I’ve found that Menthol certainly adds something to a shave and I suspect that this may be due to its weak analgesic action (it may, of course, be a placebo effect on my behalf).

It sounds like the second point could be an academic research title in itself. Any scientific info you can dig up on this would be most appreciated. [emoji846]

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Once the same "unpopular" opinion is expressed by 5+ individuals can it still be called unpopular? Synthetics outperforming naturals is way out in the lead :happy:
I was a synthetic user, (still have and use some) then badger, (still have and use some) now my preferred brushes are boar. Horse never was great.