Twin Injector Blades - Are they any good.

Chan Eil Whiskers

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I have several Schick injector razors which take the TWIN blades, and have used them a good bit in those razors. I think they are fine blades. I've had zero problems with them. In my experience with them they last pretty near forever and stay very sharp longer than I can believe or imagine. They're not easy to find, get, pay for, or afford; shipping is a problem, etc. But, they are great blades.

That said, the regular Schick blades (the yellow Chicks as they're called; made by Schick; available everywhere including Amazon; inexpensive) are what I use in my open to clean E-2. (It doesn't take the TWIN blades.) These blades also work great in all respects, shave great, last a very long time, etc.

I have a lot of the blades. The TWIN blades can be incredibly expensive. I'm not sure they're worth the extra money, but they are great blades. For me, they don't clog, but I'm not you.

Happy shaves,