Twin Injector Blades - Are they any good.


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How can that possibly be the case with twin injector blades? Please elaborate.
I use an injector as alternative to a trimmer to get rid of seven days worth of growth. I do use the injector exclusively when it's a fresh blade. With the Japanese twins, it clogged on seven day growth. I realise that they probably we're not designed for this. So going forwards I will use an injector dedicated to twin blades.

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In my mind not all twins shave the same. Hah, sound familiar? In that previous post of mine you mighta noticed 2 of 3 twins were especially sharp, but not the Personna Twinjector blades. At the time I hadn't tried vintage blades yet and found the Personna to be much better than the Pella or German Schick blades.

Allow me a slight thread derailment and mention finding a bunch of NOS boxes of those Personna blades (72 blades a box) maybe 10 years ago and buying 3-4 of em, only much later selling almost all to Gio Abratte. Yep, I stopped using injectors for many years but that silliness is done with and I have a few in the rotation now.

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My take if published timelines I find online are correct: no Schick injector razor was ever designed specifically for the twin blades introduced in 1973 but the adjustable Schick produced between 1965 and 1972 seems to be a good match and a popular choice for these blades on the modern forum scene.
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How can that possibly be the case with twin injector blades? Please elaborate.
I am just sharing my experience. I got an o clone just to try a twin schick blade. The blade does it work, no doubt. However it was full of tiny hair between the blades. I couldn't clean that area. It was so annoying to me. I haven't tried any Proline twin blade yet. So my experience is limited.

I have tried almost all the single blade and the Proline / yellow Schicks are just perfect to me.

This is just my experience.