Tutorial - How to Reknot


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I've broken a vintage brush handle by following someone's advice of using a vise to crush the brush to remove it from the handle. Broke chunk off the handle. Now I cut brush as close to handle as possible with heavy scissors then sand with Dremel to flatten whats left. This makes it easier to start drilling out the rest of the brush. I start with brad point drill bit which cuts into the hair better then graduate to a Forstner bit just a bit smaller than size of brush socket. Carefully holding the handle and using a drill press worked well. Final clean out with Dremel sanding head. I like a heavy handle so filled hollow handle with old bolts then jammed in pieces of foam insulation to limit amount of epoxy needed to fill handle. After epoxy dries I test fit new brush for loft and adjust with coins if 3 brushes.JPGneeded. Silicone glue is holding so far to glue in brush and gives me options if I don't like the loft.


It isn't nearly as daunting as you may imagine. Equipment wise you only need a Dremmel type tool, a couple of drill bits, sanding drums and a Dremmel 115 bit. Most of that usually comes with the dremmel anyway.
Yep, it ain't rocket surgery. You have a handle and a pre made knot, so all you have to be is a part swapper, not an engineer. Like pickin yer nose, get that booger outa there, one piece or ten, doesn't matter.

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After drilling the life out of it I glued the thread with gel super glue, added a coin for more weight and a washer for sealing.

I took out my 3 24mm threaded knots to see what is best for the handle size.

Came to conclusion that black badger works best.
I added a washer to the top of the thread that squeezes tight on the handle, leaving no room for water to get in.

Will put it to good use tonight.