Tutorial - How to Reknot


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Very informative, I'm inspired to give this a go. Following ES recent statement about Badger hairs, I'm thinking about reknotting my badgers with synthetic. I have zero equipment but I might order some and give it a go on one of my least favourite handles.


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Thanks for doing this. Great info.
I need to remember this is here for when I get around to filling my handles.


Eats steel for lunch


Eats steel for lunch
As an apology for straying off topic, here's a glimpse into a recent reknot preparation, I've done on a WW handle. No steaming, as Peter himself has advised me not to try it.

Also one bit of technical information I can offer, from recently looking into specifications of resins and epoxy: It seems that epoxy I'm using will loosen up at around 80 deg Celsius. However, the acrylic resin commonly used for handles will start warping at 70 degrees. Clearly one may get lucky (I've been lucky myself), but steaming is definitely a high risk operation.

http://instagr.am/p/B5O6A-9nJXD/ View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5O6A-9nJXD/?igshid=1pmjloucevlet