Traveling with your brush


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I guess I'm the odd one out with a re-knotted rubberset travel brush lol.

The prescription bottle is quite clever!


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I’ve been using these, even to store some of my brushes at home. I make a hole or two in them for air flow.
Of course there are also tubes specifically designed for brushes. Epsilon, Mühle and Simpson market them under their brand name. I have one that was sold by Mühle.


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I kept the sturdy cardboard tube my Muhle STF came in and quite a few of my other brushes fit in it. As I shower and shave in the evening and use synths most of the time drying isn't a problem.


Now that we're all scheduling our summer holidays (not), this thread will help many people.

The Muhle travel tube is quite nice and convenient.

It has a hole on top that helps it dry faster.