Tortoise keeping

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Esi loves her flower pot cave. She sleeps in this most of the time, but also buried herself in the coconut “soil” that’s the base for her enclosure. Note how she has built a wall on the entrance/exit.



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Esi is doing well. Weighing in now at 39g and about right on the Jackson Ratio. No signs of any Pyramiding on her shell showing her growth and weight ratios are good. Going to sound mad but she seems to look for us, odd for something that fits in the palm of your hand.
My wife’s cousin has several box turtles living in her garden. When she goes and puts food out for them they scamper as fast as can be to her.


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Lovely! My brother (vet) had a tortoise come in whose shell had been removed by a dog attack. Poor thing had lacerations all over her body and my brother managed to save it. They re-grow their shell but over a period of time.