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We've just watched the first episode of the new Top Gear minus Shouty-Git Evans, really enjoyed it and liked seeing Chris and Rory get more involved than the last season. So far this has been a huge improvement and I'm looking forward to next week's episode.


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I must admit I never watched any of the 1st series so I cant comment what it was like with Chris Evans, and it will never be the same without the original three.
In saying that I watched last nights first episode and thought it was highly entertaining, and in parts just as good as it used to be.

lets see if they can keep it for a few more programs first before we can all judge it properly.


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I felt it lacked chemistry plus I don't like the Matt, it needs to be 3 brits, with British banter. Also the original trio used to tell a story when they went on a voyage. Here they just did a few things where they smashed up a few cars. Not as good as it used to be.


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I liked Matt Le Blanc in the first series. To be honest the only ones I didn't like were Chris Evans and Eddie Jordan, so not seeing either of them was a bonus. The chemistry will come with the other three, it's still early days and IMO they're off to a good start.

No, it's not the same as with Clarkson, Hammond and May but those days are gone. On that note, the Grand Tour was very good and I'm looking forward to that coming back later in the year.


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Never will be the same without C,H&M but this new one is better than the last cos Chris Evans was a total disaster , even though he appears to be a committed petrol head. Not sure about pressure washers and shredders though , even for a bit of fun.


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Not been a big fan of The Grand Tour so far.

The Top Gear episodes, though clearly scripted, felt like a sweetly judged exaggeration of their personalities but in TGT it seems to have just been turned up to 11. The Italian Grand Tour was a prime example with Hammond being stupidly brash and May's atrocious fake anger and eye twitch. It's like they've just maximised the tropes instead of actually writing decent, funny and interesting stuff.

I'll watch a few more but it looks less than inspired so far and like they're in need of a strong editor and quality control.


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I really enjoyed TGT. It is a stupid show, 3 guy childish blokes doing ridiculous things and having fun. Take it at face value and enjoy the craic.
The new Top Gear, wow what a show! Gone is Chris Evans and good riddance.
Matt, Chris [Harris] & Rory are really starting to gel, proper good motoring show.


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...For me the latest series of TG is getting better; you can visibly see the presenters relaxing more into their roles. It is also clear that production values for the location shoots are first class. The pay-off of from having a hollywood star is also beginiing to show...Matt knows how to connect with the camera and the camera loves him back. From being dismissive at first, I think if they keep incrementally improving the show, it has the potential to be a winner again...