Today's poison – what's in your glass?

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Once upon a time, the words 'tin' and 'lager' in the same sentence conjured up all sorts of horrible images. (Fosters, XXXX, etc) These days are thankfully different. (See above)



This is not a politically correct thing to say but I can understand the appeal of posh Victorian dinners when after the mean the women would go to the drawing room and talk about whatever they wanted and the men would sit at the dining table after it had been cleared and have a very good bottle of whisky being passed around in one direction and the port going around the opposite way, a box of Romeo Y Julieta cigars, good conversation and some peace.


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If my question in the thread title were what WAS in your glass, I could reply “a Cardinale” - Negroni with dry instead of sweet vermouth. Accompanied by fabulous Cerignola olives and s&v crisps. And today’s paper.
- Waiter? Refill, please?

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A free sample of a locally made Coffee Rum ! Very nice indeed.

Well after finishing that I must say that was the best Coffee Spirit I have ever tasted. Tia Maria and the likes always reminded me of the smell of the Biology Lab at school, and always leave a nasty after taste. I’m left with the warmth of the rum and a lovely coffee taste. Think I will be buying a full size bottle !
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