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Chief Brody

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Hello all,

I'm looking to try Thunderbird out for managing 3 email accounts. I have never used it before, and have traditionally used Outlook. I fancy a change.

I have managed to sync a Gmail and another personal account without any issues. However, I cannot for the life of me sync an Office 365 email account to Thunderbird. I'm self employed, and have a business account with Microsoft which includes a custom domain. Naturally, this has always worked really well with Outlook.

When I come to manually configure the account in Thunderbird it just will not authenticate. Receiving this message:

Annotation 2021-04-02 120354.png

I have followed a number of articles from Microsoft & user websites, with no gain. Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar? Or maybe is there a setting within Office 365 that needs toggling to allow a local client to connect?

Any words of wisdom gratefully received :happy: