New Product Alert The Thäter - Alpha Bully Boy 400 Crossover - 40 brushes only!!


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Thäter & Alpha - A Superb Collaborative Brush...
Thäter and Alpha have made it happen. Announcing Pre-order For The Thäter - Alpha Bully Boy 400 Crossover
In spring 2019 a customer of mine in Germany introduced me to one of the owners of H. L. Thäter, Harald - boy was I excited!! We had an email chat and I eventually sent a selection of Alpha handles for evaluation. Herr Harald came back to me with some specific requirements for his brush. He wanted something that looked like my Alpha T-400 Rubberset tribute brush, but he wanted it bigger and fatter. Big enough to accommodate a 26mm knot. I did not want to just scale up the T-400 - that would be way too easy, so...

Behold, the Alpha Bully Boy 400. This is a from scratch redraw of the T-400 - look at them side by side. The ferrule is redesigned with the threading modified to start a few mm from the top of the edge so as not to risk damage to the beautiful Thäter knot. The flutes are deeper and wider. The handle is taller. This brush is MEATY!!!
Price - $189.99 with FREE worldwide shipping. Fully tracked.
  • Taller at 82mmHere's where it'll be.
  • Redesigned ferrule
  • Solid aluminium handle
  • Thäter logo on base
  • Thäter gift box
  • Amazing Thäter 2-band fan knot @26mm
These are available in limited numbers. The first batch is only 40 units - first come first served. I have opened a waiting list and I expect these brushes to be ready in about a month from now - maybe a teeny bit longer.